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The Studio Kitchen is the ideal venue for intimate, yet lively, gatherings.

Our private cooking shows, hosted by Liz Bramwell, are popular for

all sorts of groups - from friends & family, to business clients & colleagues. 


Experience a communal feast for any your special occasion or event.


We offer three packages, all of which include a complete meal and wine pairing (2 glasses) served during the hour-long live show, for solely your party with no public guests.

The Counter

  • For a minimum of 12 peopleCost is $1,200 + tax

The Counter + First Row

  • For all groups of 13-24 peopleCost is $1,999 + tax


The Whole Studio

  • For any groups of 25-40 peopleCost is $3,200 + tax

To inquire about availability, please click here.

Please note:

  • Must be booked at least two weeks in advance

  • Cannot be held on Fridays or Sundays

  • Public shows are held each Friday evening (Click for tickets)

  • Shows are NOT recorded or used on television

  • No per-person pricing

  • Can only be booked by the packages listed above.

  • Start time varies depending on day of week

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